Rose water

Advieh Marshmallows
Skip the store-bought marshmallows and try making your own at home. We are certain these pillowy confections will be better than any you've tasted before
Coconut and Rose Ladoos with Raspberry Centres
These bite-sized, gluten-free sweet treats flavoured with delicate rose water and tropical coconut are easy to make. Get your kids to help with shaping the ladoos, too
Holi Celebration Cake
Take your Holi celebrations up a notch with this show-stopping cake flavoured with cardamom and rose water and topped with colourful jalebis
Rosebud & Fynbos Honey Lemonade
The delicate flavour of rose water balances the citrus notes of lemon in this eye-catching mocktail featuring rosebud ice cubes
Rose Water and Date Ma'amoul
This take on a traditional Arabic recipe enjoys the fragrant aromas of rose water
Rose Water & Plum Mojito
Delicate rose water and tart plum combine to create a deliciously refreshing fizzy drink