no-waste kitchen

Composting with kids
Mum of two, broadcaster and blogger Helen Farmer shares her top tips on battling food wastage with the family
Mindful Cooking
Cookbook author, TV chef and restaurateur Zahra Abdalla is challenging herself to create new recipes using parts of ingredients she’d typically throw away
Tomato Skin Salt
After taking the time to blanch and peel tomatoes for a soup or sauce recipe, have you ever stopped and thought: “Now what can I do with this pile of tomato skins?” Here’s your answer
Watermelon Rind Preserve
Make our watermelon popsicles then use the leftover rinds to make this delicious condiment
Bone Broth
Have you tried our vindaloo lamb shanks recipe? Do, it’s a hearty meal for dinner. But make sure you keep the leftover bones – you can substitute them for the beef bones in this broth, which really is like drinking a hug in a bowl