healthy snacks

Roasted Kale, Chilli and Lime Popcorn
Guilt-free snacking never looked this tempting. The addition of lime zest and chilli powder gives this snack an extra bit of zing
Salted Chocolate and Almond Butter Quinoa Bars
The best part about reaching out for these almond butter, date and chocolate bars when you've got a craving is that they're also secretly good for you
Crunchy Edamame and Chickpeas
This protein-rich vegan recipe is the perfect solution anytime you have a sudden craving for a mildly spiced snack. Just be sure to make enough as it will disappear quickly
Dukkah Radish Chips
Here's an easy snack to throw together with one main ingredient. Elevate the chips with a generous sprinkling of dukkah, a popular Egyptian condiment
Apple Cinnamon Breakfast Cookies
What's better than breakfast disguised as a treat? These cookies are refined sugar free and can be whipped up in no time