Coconut Gulab Jamuns
The name of this evergreen Indian sweet literally translates to rose berries, which is apt since these dough balls are soaked in a rose-water syrup. Top them with bits of edible gold leaf for an attractive finish
Cardamom, Almond and Pineapple Upside Down Ghee Cake
This classic upside down cake has been given a face lift. Cardamom lends a subtle flavour to the syrup and batter without being overpowering while ghee creates a delicate crumb
Crispy Ginger Fried Chicken
Letting the chicken pieces rest in the miso marinade will result in tender juicy pieces when fried that aren't just finger lickin' good, but also pack quite an umami punch
Crispy Ghee Potatoes with Masala Aioli
Potatoes are such a versatile root vegetable. Roasting them in ghee ups their flavour profile making this an irresistible side dish. It might be a good idea to double the recipe
Apple Pie Porridge with Ghee-Toasted Nuts
Make breakfast more interesting for the family with this apple-pie inspired porridge that combines the warming flavours of cinnamon and nutmeg with aromatic ghee
Health Benefits of Ghee
Find out why clarified butter is having a moment...