fruity drinks

Iced Mango Coconut Water
Tropical vibes are strong in this sunny beverage. Coconut water contains electrolytes which are essential for staying hydrated as the days get hotter
Blueberry and Passion Fruit Infused Water
Infusing water with fruits is a quick way to make a refreshing drink. Blueberries and passion fruit are also an excellent sources of vitamin C and other anti-oxidants
Cold Brews
Turn down the heat with three refreshing iced teas with a twist
Ginger & Clementine Dream
ClemenGolds and ginger ale are a match made in summertime heaven and we're guzzling tall glasses of it all summer long
ClemenGold and Orange Blossom Iced Tea
This citrus-flavoured iced tea, served over crushed ice, is the ideal thirst quencher on a hot summers day
Greek Dragon
Find the perfect balance of sweet and sour with a hint of nutmeg in this snowy mocktail
Liquid Emerald
Enjoy this cool green drink with sweet and citrus notes that are a perfect for a hot day spent by the pool
Earl Grey And Blueberry Slushie Floats
Summer just got a teensy bit more bearable with these delicious, ice cold, vegan-friendly showstoppers
Fruit Sparkler
Celebrating a special occasion or simply looking to impress? Try our delightful fruit sparkler
ClemenGold cooler
A zingy quencher for a lazy afternoon with family and friends, this ClemenGold cooler is also incredibly easy to whip up in a just a few short minutes