edible flowers

These biscuits have a subtle crispy edge and buttery taste with the addition of beautiful pressed spinneysFOOD edible flowers
Delight friends and family with these dainty crêpes decorated with spinneysFOOD edible flowers - they're also ideal for a Mother's Day or beautiful brunch dish, too!
Pretty Little Things
Located just outside Johannesburg in South Africa, Pico-Gro is a sustainable, microgreen farming enterprise that supplies Spinneys with edible flowers. We recently visited its CEO and founder Erika Oberholzer to find out more about her exquisite products
Edible Flower Goat's Cheese Bites
Harissa adds a gentle heat to this edible flower-coated goat's cheese log that's a delight to serve to guests with crackers or crudités
Breakfast Quinoa With Fried Stuffed Dates
Black quinoa porridge gets an upgrade with warm fried dates and shaved coconut, making it a delicious breakfast. Pair this with coconut yoghurt and finish with spinneysFOOD Edible Flowers