Cheat's Christmas Pudding
Here's a frozen pudding with all the flavours of Christmas, but much better suited for our hot climate. SpinneysFOOD Madagascan Vanilla Ice Cream is the perfect choice for this recipe
Cheat's Trifles
These cheat's trifles are made using figs, honeycomb, creamy mascarpone cheese, crystallised ginger and nougat- all shop bought, but put together to create a layering effect like a trifle
Roast Partridge With Pears and Chutney
Cooking game at home need not be a fussy affair. These little partridges are rubbed with butter and warming spices, then roasted and served with caramelised pears and a piquant chutney
Christmas Cake Doughnuts
Using a box mix cuts down the time to make these oven-baked doughnuts. The warming spices and soaked fruits in them mimic a classic fruit cake. Make edible gold paint easily by combining a small amount of vanilla extract into edible gold dust and mix
Dry-Brined and Glazed Roast Turkey
You're about to have the most Instagrammable, glossy turkey at your Christmas table this year - and it's easier than it looks!
Cheat's Vegetable Tart
Instead of cooking five different vegetable sides, this tart is a quick and easy way to combine them all in a tasty, show-stopping way with minimum effort
Miniature Yorkshires With Horseradish Cream And Fillet of Beef
Fill mini yorkshire puddings with horseradish cream and thinly sliced beef to make an excellent appetiser that is endlessly adaptable. The trick to a great Yorkshire pudding is to have the oil in the muffin tray sizzling hot before you pour the batter in
Burnt Vanilla Crescents
When you heat a vanilla pod, it results in a new flavour that is at once familiar, as well as exotic. The flavour comes through beautifully in these sugar-dusted buttery crescent cookies that can be made well in advance
Confit Duck Drumsticks With Spicy Pickled Raisins
The classic yet versatile duck is great all year round, but come Christmas, a confit duck leg is a particularly luxurious main to serve on your feasting table. The spicy pickled raisins it's served with cuts through the fatty duck leg, making this an instant classic!
A Cypriot Christmas
If you like your Christmas to centre round food, then Cyprus is the place to be during the festive season
Merry Maltese Christmas
The beautiful island of Malta has quite a few distinct festive traditions. Find out what they are below
Christmas the Greek way
From naughty goblins to Christmas boats, Greece has a whole bunch of festive traditions that are unlike any other