Crispy Ginger Fried Chicken
Letting the chicken pieces rest in the miso marinade will result in tender juicy pieces when fried that aren't just finger lickin' good, but also pack quite an umami punch
Fragrant Mango Chicken Curry
This chicken curry takes on a lovely tropical flavour when the season's best mangoes are slow-simmered alongside the chicken here. Serve with fluffy rice or naan and poppadums
Rosemary Cold-Roast Chicken with Grapes
Try cold roasting a chicken. This method allows the bird to cook through gently, allowing it to absorb the delicious flavours from the herbs and spices while staying juicy
Saffron chicken with freekeh
For a wholesome, flavoursome dish - try this recipe from cookbook author and restaurateur Zahra Abdalla. It's a great mix of Levantine, Palestinian and Persian flavours
Bundt-Pan Roasted Poussins With Café De Paris Butter
Poussins or spring chickens are what you should opt for if you're having a smaller, more intimate Christmas affair. Plus, they don't take very long to cook
Grilled Jerk Chicken Skewers
Add a Caribbean element to your BBQ with this fiery dish accompanied by a salsa and salad
Lemony Bean, Chicken and Pesto Broth
Made from basic pantry ingredients, a bowl of this wholesome broth is comfort food at its best
Smoky Spanish Chicken Burger with Roasted Red Peppers and Onions
Add this burger with a twist to the menu of your next BBQ and surprise your guests with its texture and flavour
Lemon-Thyme Chicken
A juicy, grilled whole chicken is perfect for a small-scale gathering. Try this recipe for a winning centrepiece
Grilled Atchar Spatchcock Chicken
This spicy mango atchar-rubbed spatchcock chicken is the weekend lunch option you've been looking for. Spatchcocking a chicken ensures that the bird cooks quickly and more evenly
Jerk Chicken
Add a Caribbean twist to your festive BBQ with this irresistible recipe from Dharamsingh Rana, head chef at Miss Lily's Dubai
Herby Greek Chicken & Feta Tray Bake
This fuss-free tray bake is big on flavor thanks to the za'atar. The spinneysFOOD Ready To Roast Potatoes cuts down on prep time, making this a great back-pocket dinner recipe