Aubergine, Date and Feta Bake
This sweet and sour aubergine casserole with walnuts and feta is the perfect dish to make for iftar. Use two tins of spinneysFOOD Chopped Tomatoes in this recipe for a more robust flavour
Spicy Lamb and Aubergine Pide
Pide is a Turkish and Middle-Eastern flatbread, similar to a pizza. Get your whole family involved in making their own pides before you sit down to eat
Tahini Roasted Aubergine Soup
Rustle up this nutritious soup using basics. The mellow flavour of aubergine pairs well with tahini for a subtle side that won't overpower the rest of your meal
Chargrilled Aubergine and Tamarind Rice
Scoring the flesh of the aubergine doesn't just result in tender flesh when chargrilled, but also allows for maximum flavour to seep in. Serve this over a flavourful tamarind pilaf to make this a complete meal
Spicy Charred Aubergines
Its meaty texture often makes aubergine the ideal veggie option for the grill. Serve it along with tahini yoghurt for a winning starter
Baba Ganoush
Also known as moutabel, this smoky aubergine dip is a favourite and parties and gatherings
Egyptian Spicy Aubergine Casserole
Similar to a Greek Moussaka, this delicious casserole using an array of fresh ingredients and tinned tomatoes - a cupboard staple
Baked Aubergine
The team at Afghani restaurant, KISHMISH, share their recipe for Baked Aubergine
Spiced aubergine and chickpeas
Whip up this deceptively simple vegetarian weekday supper using hearty chickpeas, one of your pantry essentials. Serve without yoghurt for a vegan option
Sheikh El Mehshi
Dubai-based food writer Tala Soubra shares her family recipe for this popular Middle Eastern main course, which is flavourful and filling while still being simple to make