anissa helou

Breaking Bread With Anissa Helou
We talked to Award-winning chef and author, Anissa Helou about her marvellous book; the role of food; her travels; Ramadan dishes and bread
Senegalese Bread Rolls
One relic left over from the French occupation of Senegal is their predilection for crusty bread. These gorgeous rolls are pretty straightforward and very simple to make
Indonesian Multilayered Bread
Indonesian shallots are very small. In the recipe below Anissa Helou calls for 10, but if you can only find medium shallots, use five
Zanzibari Sesame Bread
This sesame bread is a typical Ramadan bread, served at futari or iftar, the daily breaking of the fast at sunset
Berber Meat Bread
The name of the bread refers to the fact that the bread is baked on a hot stone, buried under hot ashes – which is how it’s done in most southern areas of Morocco