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Indonesian Multilayered Bread
Indonesian shallots are very small. In the recipe below Anissa Helou calls for 10, but if you can only find medium shallots, use five
Zanzibari Sesame Bread
This sesame bread is a typical Ramadan bread, served at futari or iftar, the daily breaking of the fast at sunset
Advieh Marshmallows
Skip the store-bought marshmallows and try making your own at home. We are certain these pillowy confections will be better than any you've tasted before
Berber Meat Bread
The name of the bread refers to the fact that the bread is baked on a hot stone, buried under hot ashes – which is how it’s done in most southern areas of Morocco
Ras el Hanout Buttermilk Sheet Cake
The addition of ras el hanout, a Moroccan spice mix, and buttermilk to this cake result in an aromatic, tender crumb. Slather it with the equally delicious frosting
Walnut and Halva Baby Cakes
Good things come in small packages and we couldn't agree more. These delightful baby cakes are flavoured with tahini halva. We're pretty sure no one can eat just one
Crispy Baharat Fried Lamb in White Bean Hummus and Chimichurri
Crispy-fried bits of baharat-spiced pulled lamb piled atop miso white bean hummus with spicy chimichurri sauce and some homemade labneh on the side - what's not to love?
What's in the box?
Break your fast this Ramadan with a variety of snacks served bento-style for iftar. Recipes include Blueberry Date Balls, Palak Paneer Fritters, Rose Katayef and Za'atar Samosas
Lamb Kofta Pies with Chimichurri
Fancy up your lamb fatayer with the addition of mixed herbs and spices from an excellent chimichurri sauce. Finish with a drizzle of tahini
Roasted Peppers With Pomegranate Dressing
Charring your red bell peppers lends a smokiness to the flesh, which tastes great by itself, but a few extra steps can turn it into an excellent veggie main for your iftar table
Almond and Lemon Stuffed Courgettes
You can also try making this delicious recipe with koosa or baby marrow. If doing so, use a squash corer to scrape out all the stuffing and proceed with the recipe
Raspberry and Rose Bubble Tea
We think bubble tea is one of the most fun beverages out there. Don't you agree? Chewing on the 'bubbles' is definitely the highlight of this fruity concoction