Small Plates

Salted Chocolate and Almond Butter Quinoa Bars
The best part about reaching out for these almond butter, date and chocolate bars when you've got a craving is that they're also secretly good for you
Whole Candy Tomato and Vanilla Jam
Make the most of these juicy little tomatoes with this delicious jam that works as an ideal accompaniment with a cheese board or panna cotta
Turmeric and Flaxseed Hummus
Add a golden hue to your hummus with a sprinkling of spinneysFOOD Turmeric, cumin and a touch of sesame in this superfood recipe that just requires a quick blitz
Crunchy Edamame and Chickpeas
This protein-rich vegan recipe is the perfect solution anytime you have a sudden craving for a mildly spiced snack. Just be sure to make enough as it will disappear quickly
Dukkah Radish Chips
Here's an easy snack to throw together with one main ingredient. Elevate the chips with a generous sprinkling of dukkah, a popular Egyptian condiment
Grilled Prawn Lettuce Cups
Beef and lamb are the usual stars at most Aussie barbecues but this island continent has access to the freshest produce from the sea meaning there’s always going to be room ‘to put a shrimp on the barbie’
Lamb and Mint Scotch Eggs With Tahini Dip
Jazz up your party food with this impressive lamb and mint scotch egg appetiser with a tahini dip. This moreish recipe is perfect when feeding a hungry crowd
Wholewheat Choux Pastry Swans With Smoked Salmon Mousse
These elegant choux pastry swans will make great appetisers while you prep for the main event. Better than blinis, each choux pastry swan is filled with a smooth smoked salmon mousse
Deep-Fried Blooming Brussels Sprouts With Muhammara
Deep-frying Brussels Sprouts is an easy way to turn the seemingly boring vegetable into a delicious Christmas snack or side. Serve it with a chunky muhammara dip made using roasted red bell peppers and walnuts
Miniature Yorkshires With Horseradish Cream And Fillet of Beef
Fill mini yorkshire puddings with horseradish cream and thinly sliced beef to make an excellent appetiser that is endlessly adaptable. The trick to a great Yorkshire pudding is to have the oil in the muffin tray sizzling hot before you pour the batter in
Parmesan Churros With Smoky Sriracha Dip
These crisp savoury churros will make a delicious appetiser before the big unveiling of the turkey. Serve these with some sriracha dip for dunking
Maple and Sumac Roasted Baby Carrots
A perfect side dish for your next dinner party, these butter-roasted baby carrots are sweet from the spinneysFOOD Maple Syrup and also bright and zingy from a generous dusting of sumac powder