Small Plates

Strawberry and camembert cheese toasties
Forget brie and cranberry - try this fruity, gooey mashup instead for a melt-in-your-mouth snack. Using sourdough above all other loaves just takes this sandwich to the next level, too
This super easy recipe for bite-size appetizers is one of TV presenter, food blogger, writer and content creator Lidija Abu Gazaleh's best party tricks!
Marinated Feta
Created by food consultant Vibha Dania-Dhawan, this recipe is a simple yet delicious starter that can be served with crackers or as part of a grazing platter
Namak Para with Fenugreek and Spinach Dip
The easiest Holi snack has to be these crispy, crunchy and spicy strips of dough and this fresh green dip! Make double, trust us
Aloo Tikki with Tamarind Yoghurt
This classic Indian chaat, or snack food, of subtly spiced, soft yet crispy cakes stuffed potato and topped with a dollop of tangy yoghurt is a wonderfully moreish appetizer
Edible Flower Goat's Cheese Bites
Harissa adds a gentle heat to this edible flower-coated goat's cheese log that's a delight to serve to guests with crackers or crudités
Pumpkin and Sweet Potato Fritters with Coconut Cinnamon Sugar
Serve these tender fritters warm with a dusting of coconut cinnamon sugar on top. They're perfect as a tea-time treat or as a quick snack option
Spiced Rose and Honey Toasted Nuts
These rose-flavoured caramelised nuts are a delight to have around especially when those pesky snack cravings kick in. These should keep well for a week in an airtight container
Home-Made Courgette Fries With Sumac Salt
These crisp courgette fries have a golden parmesan and herb panko coating on them, which makes them irresistible. They're the perfect soldiers to dip into a tzatziki, or even some mayo
Chilled Avocado and Cucumber Soup with Lime and Coriander Marinated Prawns
A creamy spin on gazpacho which is packed with nutrients topped with zesty prawns makes for a wholesome lunch or dinner. Keep the heads on for extra flavour
Mushroom Biltong
Use a traditional biltong spice rub on meaty mushrooms and dry them in the oven to concentrate their umami flavour and make them chewy like biltong
Whipped avocado, feta and herb dip
A delicious twist to a classic Green Goddess, the addition of avo and feta adds a richness to this verdant and zesty dip. Finish with a glug of fruity spinneyFOOD Mediterranean Extra Virgin Olive Oil