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Carrot and Fennel Salad with Pistachio and Orange Dressing
Similar to its fragrant counterpart, orange blossom water also originated in the Middle East, where orange blossoms are abundant. Try orange blossom is a refreshing salad such as this
Saffron Milk
Saffron milk is great to have at bedtime, especially if your mind needs to be calmed or you are prone to insomnia, as its known benefits include promoting a sound night’s sleep. Just a few strands of saffron will do the trick
Arabic Coffee and Date Affogato
Affogato is a great after-dinner treat. It's delicious, sophisticated, simple and, perhaps best of all, combines coffee and dessert into one. Our version adds Middle Eastern flavours to this Italian classic such as almonds and dates
Baklava and Burnt Honey Milkshake
Whiz up these indulgent shakes for a treat, as breakfast, for dessert or as a lavish dinner accompaniment. Highly recommended to any sweet teeth out there
Raspberry Rose Water Iced Tea
Flavoured with rose water, we like to think of this recipe as iced tea with a Middle Eastern twist. Rose water which is enriched by steeping and soaking rose petals in water is best used sparingly
Apple Butter and Apple Roses
Whip up this nutty butter in no time, then create these pretty edible roses with your surplus apples!
Apricot and Apple Fizz
Whizzed-up dried apricots make a deliciously sweet base for these sparkling drinks. Best enjoyed on a hot summer's day!
Matcha and Pistachio Iced Lattes
Make these green lattes in no time, ahead of brunches, breakfasts, afternoon teas or simply as a back-up for impromptu catch-ups with friends
Baklava Cheesecake
Here's a no-brainer combo which will leave you wondering where it's been all your life
Sticky Date Macarons
Piled into a little box and tied with a pretty ribbon, these French treats with a Middle Eastern twist make an excellent gift
Persian Love Cake Blondies
We've taken blondies to the next level, not only swapping white for brown chocolate, but adding pistachios which create a vibrant green colour
Chocolate Hazelnut Tcharek
As if these traditional Algerian cookies weren't hard enough to resist, this version is stuffed with a nutty chocolate filling