Coconut Tart with Apricot Mousse

Desiccated coconut adds a tropical element to this creamy tart's base. Dress it up with fresh stone fruit and edible flowers for a splash of colour
Coconut Tart with Apricot Mousse
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Coconut Tart with Apricot Mousse
January 20, 2020
Preparation Time 15-20 minutes (plus chilling time)
Cooking Time 30-45 minutes
Serves 4-6
PHOTO BY Katelyn Allegra
RECIPE BY Katelyn Allegra & Cassandra Upton
FOOD STYLING BY Katelyn Allegra & Cassandra Upton


For the coconut tart base

2 large free-range egg whites
85g spinneysFOOD Extra Fine Caster Sugar
¼ tsp cream of tartar
1 tsp vanilla extract
280g desiccated coconut

For the apricot mousse

500g ripe apricots, pitted and quartered
95g spinneysFOOD Super Fine Icing Sugar
1 tsp powdered gelatine
1 tbsp spinneysFOOD Bottled Drinking Water
500ml cream
Pinch of spinneysFOOD Salt

To serve

Apricots, pitted and quartered
spinneysFOOD Cherries
spinneysFOOD Edible Flowers, for decoration


  • 1

    Preheat the oven to 180°C, gas mark 4.

  • 2

    For the tart base, place 2 egg whites into a large, very clean mixing bowl and whisk with an electric mixer to stiff, dry peaks.

  • 3

    Whisk in the sugar, a tablespoon at a time, whisking back to stiff peaks after each addition. Next, whisk in the cream of tartar and vanilla extract, then fold in the desiccated coconut.

  • 4

    Spoon the coconut mixture into a tart tin, then press it into the base and up the sides, making sure the case is firmly packed and even. Run a palette knife over the top to give a clean edge. Bake for 30 minutes, until the edges are golden and the inside is dry. Set aside to cool.

  • 5

    To make the apricot mousse, place the apricots in a small saucepan and toss with the icing sugar. Allow to stand for 10 minutes then place over a low heat and allow to simmer until softened – approximately 5 minutes.

  • 6

    Allow to cool slightly then purée in a blender and pass through a sieve. Measure out 250ml of purée and set aside.

  • 7

    Sprinkle the gelatine over the water and allow to ‘sponge’ for 5 minutes.

  • 8

    Stir the sponged gelatine into the hot purée until dissolved. Allow to cool completely.

  • 9

    Whip the cream and salt until stiff peaks form then fold into the apricot purée.

  • 10

    Pour the mousse into the tart shell and refrigerate for 1 hour, or until set.

  • 11

    Serve the tart on the same day it’s made, topped with apricots, cherries and edible flowers.


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