Antipasti and Bresaola

This grazing plate has fruits, nuts, soft cheese and salty cured meats-all the makings of a great party
Antipasti and Bresaola
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Antipasti and Bresaola
July 23, 2019
Preparation Time 20 minutes
Serves 4
PHOTO BY Aasiya Jagadesh
RECIPE BY Mia Blundell


½ honeydew melon, deseeded
200g spinneysFOOD Organic Premium Figs
2 tbsp olive oil
1 tbsp spinneysFOOD Balsamic Vinegar of Modena
200g bresaola
200g brie
200g manchego cheese
100g almonds
150g breadsticks
200g crisp bread
150g spinneysFOOD Seedless White Grapes
150g feta-stuffed piquillo peppers
10g spinneysFOOD Fresh Basil


  • 1

    Slice the honeydew melon into wedges

  • 2

    Cut the figs in half

  • 3

    Pour the olive oil and balsamic vinegar into a small bowl

  • 4

    Drape the bresaola over the honeydew wedges

  • 5

    Arrange the wedges along with the remaining ingredients on a large board or platter

  • 6

    Garnish with basil leaves and serve


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