Very Berry Christmas

Create a splash with this inviting berry-based mocktail that's ideal for holiday gatherings
Very Berry Christmas
Very Berry Christmas
December 26, 2018
Level Easy
Preparation Time 10 Minutes
Serves 6-8
PHOTO BY Aasiya Jagadeesh
RECIPE BY Mart Leisegang


2 Lemons - juiced
15ml spinneysFood fresh thyme leaves
500ml Soda water
500ml Frozen mixed berries
60ml Caster sugar


  • 1

    In a jug, combine the lemon juice, thyme leaves and soda water, then set aside

  • 2

    Blend the frozen berries along with the sugar

  • 3

    Pour the mixture over crushed ice into each glass

  • 4

    Top with the frozen berries and more thyme leaves


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