Golden Irish

You can’t get a great egg from a hen that isn’t happy – that’s why our free range and organic eggs come from Golden Irish, home to hens whose wellbeing is of the utmost importance

Since 2013, free range and organic eggs in the spinneysFOOD range have been sourced from Golden Irish, an award-winning producer based in County Monaghan, Ireland. Earlier this year, one of our buyers, Paul Crawford, travelled there for a tour of the company’s 100 per cent organic farms – with hens roaming around him, he learned first-hand about many of the key processes and beliefs behind getting eggs of the highest, freshest quality on the shelves in store and into your kitchen.

How it started

We were introduced to Golden Irish by Bord Bia, the Irish Food Board. Spinneys has a proud history of excellent relationships with producers from Ireland, so it made perfect sense to explore how the two of us could work together. Things started small with a weekly shipment of eggs, but have grown – in part due to investment and support from fellow local organic farmers – to the point where Golden Irish now has a dedicated supply exclusively for us.

Wellbeing matters

Stroll around any of the farms used by Golden Irish and it’s clear why this company has won awards and earned a reputation for world-class eggs – the hens’ welfare is top priority. At all the farms, experienced staff are trained to ensure the hens have everything they need: inside the hen house, with quality feed and constant access to water; outside of it, thanks to dawn-to-dusk access to the farms’ green, plentiful pastures.

Core beliefs

Golden Irish’s commitment to being the best in all departments is backed up by a raft of accreditations. It is a member of the first national food sustainability scheme in the world, Origin Green, which pioneers sustainable practices on the farm and in the local community. And thanks to the company’s work with Bord Bia’s Egg Quality Assurance Scheme, every box of spinneysFOOD Free Range or Organic Eggs is fully traceable and originates from hens farmed to the highest standards for environmental care, disease control, hygiene and flock welfare.