Take a closer look at Heavenly Tasty Organics – a family-run company that prides themselves in nutritious and convenient snack alternatives
Heavenly Tasty Organics founder, Shauna McCarney Blair and operations director James Blair.
Heavenly Tasty Organics founder, Shauna McCarney Blair and operations director James Blair.
June 15, 2018

Heavenly was started out of necessity. The company’s founder, Shauna Mccarney-Blair had young children who had extensive food allergies (nuts, dairy, eggs etc.). At that time (2011), baby food was predominately packagaed in jars, bulked out with milk, made in factories that used nuts so a lot of it was unsuitable for her babies. Shauna launched Heavenly with frozen and chilled baby food ranges that provided parents with a healthy and convenient way to feed their families. 

The company’s values are quite simple – everything they do has to be natural. After some research in 2014, Heavenly found that the biggest growth sector in baby food was in snacking. They found that 20 per cent of parents wanted to see more single portion snacks and they also created portion control packs that they could put in the lunchbox, throw in the handbag or the baby’s changing bag and take it out with them. Research from Sugarwise (an international certification body for sugar claims) reveals that 80 per cent of parents regularly search for low-sugar and no-sugar products, yet 30 per cent can’t find these products in store. Heavenly doesn’t produce fruit bars, because they are high in sugar and in the interest of transparency, customers can see recipes for each product.

Heavenly Tasty Organics has introduced a new range of healthy snacks aimed at children that are great for lunch boxes or small meals on the go

Heavenly uses superfood ingredients including spinach, kale, coconut, amaranth, buckwheat and ancient grains and keep sugar levels low. Not every product is free from everything but Heavenly have gluten-free, dairy-free and nut-free products across the range. The company has also recently been awarded with the Sugarwise certification assuring that its products are free from added sugars.

Going forward, Heavenly wants to provide snacks for the whole family, from six month olds right up to adults. Corn puffs and breadsticks are a big favourite across all ages. You can have a few breadsticks with a dollop of hummus or salsa and both children and adults can snack on them, rather than having crisps or a bar of chocolate. 

In the UK, Heavenly supports food banks and childcare facilities. Children who may not have breakfast in the morning can have a fruit pouch or a few snacks that they can eat throughout the day or even take home. These CSR activities allow the company to promote a healthy approach to snacking throughout the community and support people from all walks of life in the fight against sugary snacks.

All baby foods claim to have no added sugar but the natural sugar in baby food could be at 80 or 90 percent.

For more information, visit www.heavenlytasty.com