Mash Direct

Six generations of farming expertise lead the Hamilton family to found Mash Direct, a brand that brings freshly made vegetable dishes from their fields to your table
Mash Direct founders, the Hamiltons at their family farm in Northern Ireland.
Mash Direct founders, the Hamiltons at their family farm in Northern Ireland.
August 15, 2018

Mash Direct was founded by fifth generation farmer Martin Hamilton and his wife Tracy in 2004. A true a family affair, their two sons Lance and Jack (who are sixth-generation farmers) also help to run the company. Mash Direct employs roughly 200 people and the farm is currently expanding to meet demand. The company holds a BRC AA+ certification, which is the highest accolade awarded for the British Retail Consortium audit.

Mash Direct’s Veggie Burgers

Mash Direct was born out of necessity to keep the family farm afloat. Martin Hamilton dreamt up a business of providing traditional Ulster Champ (an Irish dish, made by combining mashed potatoes and chopped spring onion with butter, milk and cheese) that was both convenient and healthy. Since then, the business and its product range have continued to grow and develop. Along with champ, the company’s product range includes roast potatoes, potato cakes, potato rosti, carrot and parsnip mash and crispy vegetable bakes. Mash direct doesn’t use any artificial flavourings, colourings or preservatives in its dishes. The extensive range of vegetable-based side dishes is aimed at people who want homemade food but don’t have time to make it. With this in mind, Mash Direct dishes are suitable for oven and microwave heating and sometimes even the BBQ. Recipes feature minimal seasoning and dairy to make it easy for customers to tailor the dishes to their own tastes.

Provenance is important to Mash Direct. Customers want to know where their products come from and this is especially true when it comes to convenience products. According to Tracy Hamilton, the company doesn’t use anything that isn’t readily available in a kitchen cupboard. Mash Direct is a clean label company using local, premium produce from Northern Ireland. In addition, Mash Direct makes sure that any produce they outsource have the same farm accreditations that they do. They don’t take any shortcuts.

The vegetable varieties that Mash Direct uses are sourced for flavour rather than size. The company uses ‘ugly vegetables’ and peelings go into cattle feed which allows them to minimise waste. Mash Direct is also very particular when it comes to crop rotation, using break crops such as barley to give the soil a rest. The health of the soil is really important to them because without it, they can’t produce premium vegetables.

Mash Direct’s Sweet Potato Fries

Mash Direct’s entire product range is gluten-free and 90 per cent of its products are suitable for vegetarians.

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