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Organic Oasis
Sheikha Al Muhairy utilises local talent and resources to help improve the local farming industry and address the issue of food scarcity in the region
Great climactic conditions, sustainable farming practices and fantastic flavour are key to our range of spinneysFOOD Seedless Grapes
Mt Cook Alpine Salmon
Our freshwater king alpine salmon is sourced from the base of Mount Cook on New Zealand’s South Island. Millions of gallons of glacial water run through the farm every minute
Hailing from the south of Spain, one of the world’s largest citrus producers supplies Spinneys with the most succulent oranges, lemons and grapefruit
Kenya Horticultural Exporters
This Kenya-based grower’s environmentally-conscious practices provide exactly the kind of partnership we are proud of at Spinneys
Leek Tulips
Sophisticated, beautiful blooms from the Netherlands are always perfect for brightening any home come spring (or any other season, for that matter!)
Graaff Fruit
Innovative techniques and an emphasis on top-quality stone fruit are just two reasons behind Graaff Fruit's relationship with Spinneys
Elite Agro
The Spinneys UAE Farmers Club works towards creating a local culture of sustainable farming. Elite Agro are a key member of the group
Coffee Planet
The Dubai-based company works hard to ensure sustainability and a good relationship with its suppliers, bringing fine coffee beans to the UAE in the process
Bob’s Red Mill
In 1978, Bob and Charlee Moore were looking to adopt a healthier lifestyle for their family. They bought an old stone mill in Oregon and started their mission


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