Emirates Refreshment Company

Located in the foothills of the Hatta Mountains, with great environmental credentials, it’s no wonder we chose this producer for our spinneysFOOD Bottled Drinking Water
Hatta Springs, the source of spinneysFOOD Bottled Drinking Water.
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Hatta Springs, the source of spinneysFOOD Bottled Drinking Water.
September 01, 2018


The company was incorporated back in 1980 under the name Jeema Water. Since then, it has changed its name to Emirates Refreshment Company (in 2010) but continues to be one of the most established water companies in the UAE. Their processing plant is certainly one of the oldest in the country, but it is also equipped with state-of-the-art filtration and bottling equipment.


Snugly nestled in the Hatta Mountains, ERC provides fresh mineral water straight from a mountain spring. Due to natural rock filtration and changing climatic conditions, this water is consistently getting purer year after year. Once taken from the source, the water is filtered several times to eliminate any impurities. Constant testing from its on-site lab ensures that only the purest product is bottled. Not only that, but the water has also been declared “low sodium” in accordance with Dubai Municipality regulations.

On top of all of this, the company tries to limit its impact on the environment as much as possible. Murtaza Sirohiwala, Marketing Manager at ERC, explains: “All of our bottles are 100 per cent biodegradable PET and their packing material is also biodegradable”.  He also informs us that, “As a company, we try our best to have limited wastage. Our wastage is less than 1 per cent in terms of water and our packing material.” Murtaza puts this down to the company’s investment into the best machinery, which not only helps keeps costs down for the business but also benefits the environment, too. 

spinneysFOOD Bottled Drinking Water


Having its own fleet means the company is able to distribute its water directly to our stores in Dubai and Sharjah. Its efficient operation means that it can extract the water, process and bottle it that day, and have it sent out to market the very next day – meaning that Spinneys, and our customers, are getting only the freshest drinking water. Try our spinneysFOOD Water in store.