Thomas Foods International

There is much more to this producer than just its lamb - the company’s expert farming and production methods offer you complete peace of mind too
A Thomas Foods International flock of sheep in a field with a farmer.
A Thomas Foods International flock of sheep in a field with a farmer.
September 10, 2018


Thomas Foods, our Australian supplier of organic lamb, has spent the last three decades perfecting the art of producing high-quality, delicious and tender lamb. Not only is the company certified organic, but it has also adapted the business to take care of the environment.

Founded in 1988, Thomas Foods International (TFI) supplies lamb nationally in Australia and to more than 85 overseas destinations. However, despite the large-scale of the business, Thomas Foods is still very much a family business, being Australia’s largest 100% family-owned meat processor. The company is led by Chief Executive Officer Darren Thomas, and his father and company founder Chris Thomas. The plants are located in South Australia and New South Wales, in areas that provide its livestock with lush, green pastureland to roam and graze in freely.


Like all of our meat producers, Thomas Foods places animal welfare and environmental protection at the top of its agenda. It ensures compliance with the highly regarded Australian Meat Industry Council Animal Welfare Standards for Livestock Processing. Moreover, the company is committed to reducing its carbon footprint, and participated in the Australian Government’s Climate Change Adaptation Initiative.

Thomas Foods was the first major lamb processor to use Meat Standards Australia grading technology. This guarantees premium quality – meat graded this way has to come from livestock processed and butchered in facilities with the highest hygiene standards, and that is the best in terms of colour, marbling and tenderness. A family feel can be sensed across everything the company does. Not just in the way it seeks to protect land that surrounds the farms, but also via community integration, whether that’s through supporting charities (such as the Foodbank Meat Programme) or assisting with local events.

Supply is also taken into consideration when choosing our meat producers. Spinneys Protein Commercial Manager, Tom Harvey, explains that sourcing Australian lamb means that the store doesn’t face any challenges in terms of seasonality. “Australian farmers produce fresh lamb all year round, which means we can guarantee our customers a consistent supply of great quality meat,” states Harvey.

Uncooked lamb chops on a board from Thomas Foods International


All of the company’s suppliers raise livestock the natural way and leave the lambs free to roam across and graze from clean and fertile land. And because of its long-standing relationships with their trusted farmers, the producer is able to ensure a 52-week supply of its grass-fed, organic lamb. Try some of its high-quality produce at Spinneys.

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