Özler Ziraat

Europe’s biggest fig producer controls the growing, packing and shipping process for its Black Bursa figs, ensuring that the fruit on our shelves is as good as it can be
Ozler Ziraat three figs in hands.
Ozler Ziraat three figs in hands.
August 15, 2018


Based in southern Anatolia in Turkey, Özler Ziraat has been growing fruit and grains for over a century. It is now established as the biggest fig producer in Europe, with 10 years in the trade. The company was founded by the current generation’s great-grandfather, and the family refers to the fig orchards as its “most precious asset.”

The company utilises four generations of experience and knowledge in agriculture and systematic functioning to produce the highest quality fruits in Turkey. Its agricultural methods meet 100 per cent traceable GlobalG.A.P. criteria, and the company are firmly committed to working in a way that protects the environment – and will ensure the land lasts for many more years to come.

Innovative efforts help Özler to conserve water and electricity, economise fuel and reduce its carbon emissions where possible. Despite having come a long way since it was originally founded, the company prides itself on still remaining a family business.


Özler Ziraat’s location puts it in a unique position: it can harvest prized Black Bursa figs two months earlier than the traditional growing area of Bursa, further north. This is why our shelves are lined with Black Bursa figs much earlier than it would be possible with other suppliers. But this isn’t the only reason behind Spinneys’ relationship with Özler Ziraat.

Özler’s quality begins at the harvesting stage, with expert teams observing the optimum climate, field and logistic conditions to ensure its customers receive the standard required. The produce goes through a primary selection immediately at the orchards before it is delivered to the packing station. The company has 30 years’ experience picking, packing and grading its produce (by hand), and controls the whole process from seed to supermarket. This means Spinneys can rely on them to deliver a consistently top-quality product.

Ozler Ziraat figs in trees at sunset


So what is it that makes the Black Bursa fig so special? It has a deep purple skin and is larger than average, which means there’s more of the lusciously sweet flesh to enjoy. Plus, it has a longer shelf life than other types of fig, which is news worth celebrating. Find the product in stores now.

Find out more about Özler Ziraat at hasat.net/en/