Hailing from the south of Spain, one of the world’s largest citrus producers supplies Spinneys with the most succulent oranges, lemons and grapefruit
A styled shot of oranges from Martinavarro.
A styled shot of oranges from Martinavarro.
August 15, 2018


Martinavarro is a long-standing Spinneys citrus fruit producer: The quality of the fruit the company provides is second-to-none, and its long history in the industry means it is able to provide us with exactly the kind of quality produce that we require from our growers.

Founded in 1946 as a marketing company, the third generation of he Martinavarro and Ballester families are still involved in the business today, farming over 3,500 hectares in Spain’s hot, sunny climate – primarily the Valencia and Murcia regions, which are ideal for citrus production. The company was a pioneer in creating an international distribution network in the 1960s, providing leading supermarkets across Europe quickly and efficiently with fresh fruit of top quality and in top condition.

Today, Martinavarro is Spain’s largest citrus producer and one of the largest in the world. Their stated mission is to be the “global leader in the fresh citrus business based on quality, food safety and customer service, generating added sustainable value.”


The company has always been forward-thinking in terms of sustainability and other environmental issues. As long ago as the 1980s, innovative eco-friendly production methods were introduced and new fruit varieties launched, and the company put even more emphasis on environmental concerns such as integrated crop production. More recently. these have been joined by the use of solar panels, which generate over 1,600kW of energy to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and power its sophisticated packing facility.

Every orchard and production line has to be accountable for its own standards of quality and safety and in 1998, the company introduced its Natursense initiative, which aims to eliminate or minimize any negative environmental impact of citrus production methods. Each fruit has to have ‘external and internal quality’, which takes into account lack of skin blemish, colour, amount of juice, sweetness, lack of seeds, as well as ‘ecological quality’ – which means that oranges, lemons and grapefruit are all produced using methods that respect the environment as much as possible.

A selection of oranges from Martinavarro


You can try Martinavarro's citrus fruits at Spinneys stores. The company produce navel oranges at the beginning of the year and satsumas, clementines and grapefruits in the autumn and winter months, as well as lemons and mandarins almost all year round. Not only are they packed with juice and sweetness, but you can be confident knowing that they have been grown to the highest possible standards of sustainability and good farming practices.

For more information visit the Martinavarro website