Kenya Horticultural Exporters

This Kenya-based grower’s environmentally-conscious practices provide exactly the kind of partnership we are proud of at Spinneys
The Kenya Horticultural Exporters farm.
The Kenya Horticultural Exporters farm.
August 15, 2018


Kenya Horticultural Exporters (KHE) has been a key player in the Kenyan agriculture industry for many years. The family business was established in 1977 and today, its one of the country’s most established growers for the UAE market. It is run by Harish Patel and his son Shamal, and supplies the vegetables for our convenient range of prepared and stir-fry packs.


KHE produce over 20 crops across their three farms, including green beans, snow peas, avocados, raspberries and sugar snaps. It also owns three of its own packing stations, meaning that it has total traceability and transparency from field to customer. The geographic location means that the producer is able to supply us with its fresh, prepared vegetables all year round thanks to the warm climate.

The company works hard to develop its growing practices, including ways to monitor and perfect water requirements. As well as this, the packaging is designed to manage the flow of carbon dioxide and oxygen - a system called Modified Atmosphere Packaging - keeping produce fresh for longer, which is good news for our customers.

KHE also operates with an awareness of ethical and social welfare, and respect for the environment. For example, the company has identified the various species found on its farm (particularly any endangered species) to enable it to monitor the impact of its activities on the native wildlife. It also ensures that water and other natural resources are stored and utilised efficiently.

The business is committed to complying with HACCP and the British Retail Consortium Code of Practice. It has also been a member of the Waitrose Foundation since its inception in 2009. The idea is that member supplies help to improve the lives of farm workers and small holders. A percentage of KHE goes towards the foundation trust and it also invests in small farms nationally, which helps to provide a vital sustainable income for rural communities.


When such value is placed not only on the produce itself, but also the local environment and communities, we believe you can really taste the care taken in every bite. Pick up some of KHE’s delicious prepared vegetables and stir-fry packs in Spinneys stores.

The Kenya Horticultural Exporters vegetables styled in bowls

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