Bob’s Red Mill

In 1978, Bob and Charlee Moore were looking to adopt a healthier lifestyle for their family. They bought an old stone mill in Oregon and started their mission
The grain store at Bob’s Red Mill.
The grain store at Bob’s Red Mill.
August 14, 2018


Since the company’s humble beginnings in 1978 – the year Bob and Charlee purchased their first stone mill – Bob’s Red Mill has seen it all: a fire that burned the original mill to the ground (this only served as further motivation to make the company what it is today); changing food trends – in the late 1980s, Bob was one of the first to react to growing demand for safe and delicious gluten-free foods; and a range that has grown from a few products to being 400-strong and shipped across the globe.

For a company that has a 325,000-square foot manufacturing facility and 125,000-square foot distribution centre that ships the products to 80 countries worldwide, you’d be surprised to hear how tight-knit things are at Bob’s Red Mill. While Bob is still the president and CEO, the day-to-day business is run by 400 employee owners. This same community feel is present at the company’s headquarters too, where visitors can drop by for a cookery class or a bite to eat in the bakery or restaurant.

Bob’s Red Mills, Bob and Charlee baking muffins


From start to finish, the production chain focuses on class and consistency. You can taste that in the products, with ingredients sourced from farmers the company knows and trusts to always deliver harvests without any need for genetic engineering. And you can see it in top-of-the-range facilities, where dedicated gluten-free zones are a must, and only the strictest safety measurements will do. It handles all areas of the production process in-house, including inspecting the grain to ensure quality, right through to shipping the finished product.


Bob’s Red Mill’s range has always led the way in the choice it offers. Not just with gluten-free products, which make up 50 per cent of the range, but also with paleo, whole grain, no-grain and protein-rich ones too. As well as the classic collection of convenient morning oats, there are pancake and waffle mixes, muesli blends and quinoa packs, to name just a few. The company offers all of this because one of its core beliefs is that dietary requirements should never get in the way of a delicious, nutritious meal. Pop into Spinneys and taste the quality.

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