ClemenGold International

When it comes to the production of top-quality citrus fruit, this environmentally and socially conscious South Africa-based company is the gold standard
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September 25, 2018


South African-based ClemenGold International is about as perfect as a fruit producer gets. Passionate about its craft and professional in the way it conducts business, it is a supplier not only dedicated to environmental and social care, but also one we can always rely on to bring you fresh, top-quality fruit.

In South Africa, the ClemenGold trade name is given for a specific member of the citrus family, called the Nadorcott mandarin. Only the finest mandarins harvested by ClemenGold International receive the ClemenGold name and seal of approval. The fruit was first cultivated more than forty years ago, when Murcott seedlings were planted at the INRA experimental station near the small town of Afourer in the Atlas mountain region of Morocco. Growers soon discovered that Murcott fruit loses its seeded character when bees do not pollinate the trees, and so the Nadorcott mandarin variety was developed. ClemenGold work with selected growers from across the world. Its growers take pride in nurturing young seedlings into fruit bearing trees. Fertile soil, sunshine, rainy days, passion and tender loving care all come together to create the high-quality, delicious produce, reflecting the top standard of ClemenGold.


The fruit is harvested with great care and attention. Pickers wait, patiently, for the ClemenGold to develop the optimum skin colour, a dazzling orange, before plucking it from sun-kissed trees. Just the right amount of stem is left attached so the fruits won’t damage or blemish one another on the journey from farm to store. The fruit is deliciously sweet, easy to peel and very nearly seedless. For every 100 ClemenGolds, a maximum of 10 will carry one seed; the rest have none.

All of this work is carried out in an eco-friendly way. Secure fencing is used to protect indigenous wildlife settled on farms, while the company is making tracks to minimise water usage through modern equipment that sanitises effluent (liquid waste), making it safe for irrigation use on orchards. Staff welfare is vital, too, with communities local to the farms supported through social projects and wellness initiatives, addressing such topics as illiteracy, numeracy and environmental awareness.


Spinneys have worked with ClemenGold for over four years. Because the fruit comes from a network of farms that span continents, the company is able to supply a natural yield for seven to eight months a year. This means what you see in store only ever gets there once its met standards for quality, both in terms of taste and production.

ClemenGolds make for the ultimate eating experience: they are easy to peel, while the lack of seeds results from the fact orchards are designed to avoid cross-pollination. The fruit has the ideal balance of sweetness (11 to 14 per cent sugar) and acidity (0.8 to 1.4 per cent) too, as well as beautiful fragrance and juiciness.

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