3 cheeky twists on a takeaway fave

Thinking of ordering in? Well, tonight there's no need

Have you checked out our deli?

You might not know it, but the Spinneys deli is your source of a thousand and one zero-effort lunches, inexpensive dinners and instant upgrades. These recipes for takeaway classics help demonstrate the depth of the deli: tabbouleh is full of freshness, Greek and Waldorf salads come with crunch – all three put you on the path towards easy, nutritious bowls and plates.

Smoked beef slices and sliced emmental show off the selection of prepared deli meats and cheese (plenty more where that came from), while ideas for homemade pizzas and burgers can be customised just the way you like them – sun-dried tomatoes, stuffed peppers, olives. All delicious additions, all available at the deli in store.


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