Rooibos Tea

September 16, 2018

Also commonly known as red bush tea, rooibos tea has so many health benefits that it almost sounds too good to be true. This South African drink is a wonderful caffeine-free option (unlike black or green tea), but that’s not all: It’s also jam-packed with antioxidants, and contains magnesium, iron, copper, zinc, calcium, and fluoride, with various anti-inflammatory properties that have even been said to help fight cancer. Rooibois is also said to help calm the digestive system, as well as help boost the immune system. A cup of Rooibois tea is a great thing to enjoy before bed for a night of restful sleep.

How do you use it?

This tea can be enjoyed in a multitude of ways: Plain and on its own, sweetened lightly with honey or maple syrup, served with milk, hot or iced. You can blend it with cinnamon or vanilla for an unforgettable creamy latte, and you can get creative by using flavourful nut milks such as cashew or coconut milk. Iced rooibos also makes a great base for a mocktail. If you’re more keen to eat it, you can do that to: Tea-infused meals are growing ever-popular and rooibos’s gentle, nutty, warm and honeyed flavour lends a comforting feel to many a dish, particularly in items such as tea cakes, breads and biscuits – simply toast rooibos leaves, process them, and include them that way, or use the cooled tea in place of some other liquids.

Fun Facts

Technically speaking, rooibois is a herb, so the brew that is created from its leaves is actually more of a tisane than a tea. So much research is done into this plant that there’s actually even a South African Rooibos Council that keeps an eye on health claims regarding rooibois from across the industry to make sure that what’s out there is legit, as well as helping to provide scientific evidence to support claims of its health benefits.