How to Celebrate National Day - The Year of Zayed

Read our top tips on celebrating the nation in The Year of Zayed
Celebrating National Day - the year of Zayed
Celebrating National Day - the year of Zayed
November 08, 2018

The UAE as we know it wouldn’t exist today were it not for the hard work and diplomacy of His Highness the late Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, and this year’s National Day coincides with the centenary of his birth year. The founding father’s passion for his culture, people and region drove him to create the country that Emiratis and expats from around the world proudly call home. Under his dynamic leadership, hospitals, schools and universities sprang up, and the UAE’s citizens were able to enjoy free access to them. He encouraged women’s education and allowed buildings for worshippers of religions other than Islam to be built in the country. His vision, achievements and generosity made him extremely popular with his people.

Where to Go on National Day 

1. Head to Zayed Sports City Stadium to watch ‘This is Zayed. This is the UAE’ – a show about this extraordinary individual’s life, dreams and achievements as well as the history of the nation and its future.

2. Let loose on canvas – don’t miss this chance to express your creative side and love for the nation on 24 November at Abu Dhabi’s Warehouse21. All art will be displayed at the National Day celebrations at Zayed Sports City Stadium. Places will be assigned on a first come, first serve basis.

3. Watch the night sky light up like never before at the fireworks display scheduled to take place at Yas Marina Circuit.

4. Keep an eye out for other fireworks displays in Dubai and Sharjah on 2 December.