Farmer's Kitchen Episode 11
This week on Farmer's Kitchen, Helen is joined by Lyndsay Bettles and they’re focusing on easy weekday dishes
Grill Those Greens
At LOWE in Dubai, it’s all about cooking on wood-fired and charcoal grills, so we asked the team behind this top-notch eatery to share three of their favourite charred veggie recipes that can be made easily on a barbecue at home
Farmer's Kitchen : Episode 10
In this week's episode we return to JA The Resort to meet Chef Hattem Mattar of Mattar Farm where he shows us the Art of BBQ
Bites from Baku and beyond...
From kebabs cooked between stones to ‘screaming stews’, sticky seasonal preserves and mouthwatering grilled salads, discover the culinary treasures Azerbaijan has to offer
Farmer's Kitchen : Episode Nine
This week's episode is all about breakfast, Chef Andre Gerschel, owner of Kizmet in Dubai creates some incredible morning dishes
All-Time Classic – Paris
The French capital is easily the ultimate destination for foodie travellers. Its long list of Michelin-starred restaurants is impressive, but there are many other less formal (and expensive) gastronomic experiences to be had too
Vanilla Sukkar
This lovely cafe beckons with the beautiful aromas of freshly baked breads and other delicious treats. Step in for a bite and leave with wonderful memories
Farmer's Kitchen : Episode Eight
This week's episode is all about grazing and sharing and we create 3 incredible dishes with Chef Andre Gerschel
Happy Days
As the summer holidays come to an end, it’s time to ensure that children, teens and parents are all mentally prepared to face the academic year ahead
Spinneys Staycations: Jumeirah Al Wathba Desert Resort & Spa
The recently opened Jumeirah Al Wathba Desert Resort & Spa in Abu Dhabi offers a serene setting, breathing space and a Bedouin-inspired experience
Farmer's Kitchen: Episode Seven
In this episode of Farmer's Kitchen, Helen is joined yet again by celebrity Chef Silvena Rowe and together they make a moist, vegan banana bread
Farmer's Kitchen: Episode SIx
Farmer's Kitchen, a brand-new show for foodies on Dubai Eye 103.8 returns this week. Helen is joined by celebrity Chef SIlvena Rowe and together they make a delicious vegan cheesecake