Marinated T-bone steak
Looking for the perfect recipe for Father's Day? Why not whip up this tasty yet simple juicy marinated T-Bone steak
Turkish Delight Ice Cream Lollies
Traditionally known as a sweet for special occasions, we've turned this long-standing favourite into a mouth-watering dessert
Baklava and Burnt Honey Milkshake
Whiz up these indulgent shakes for a treat, as breakfast, for dessert or as a lavish dinner accompaniment. Highly recommended to any sweet teeth out there
Farmer's Kitchen: Episode Five
Farmer's Kitchen is a brand-new show for foodies on Dubai Eye 103.8. This week, Helen is joined by Chef Hattem Matar, a self taught chef and the Arab world’s first pit master...
Persian Love Cake Blondies
We've taken blondies to the next level, not only swapping white for brown chocolate, but adding pistachios which create a vibrant green colour


Al Nassma
Did you know Dubai is home to Al Nassma – the world’s first camel milk chocolate manufacturer? On a recent visit to its factory, we caught up with general manager Martin van Almsick to find out more about one of our favourite chocolate products...
Welsh Lamb
Sheep farming in Wales dates back to the 14th century and generations of proud and passionate Welsh farmers continue to raise some of the world’s best lambs on lush pastures. Meet one such producer, Wynne Jerman
We took a trip to the UAE’s state-of-the-art camel dairy to chat to the team at Camelicious about their pioneering products and processes


Check in for a weekend of local history, culture, tradition and culinary excellence
Farmer's Kitchen is a brand-new show for foodies on Dubai Eye 103.8. Here, Helen and Yasmine Idriss Tannir make a delectable sticky toffee date cake
The recently opened Jumeirah Al Wathba Desert Resort & Spa in Abu Dhabi offers a serene setting, breathing space and a Bedouin-inspired experience
Farmer's Kitchen is a brand-new show for foodies on Dubai Eye 103.8. Here, Helen and Chef Elias from JA Palm Tree Court make an Arabic hashweh & coconut crunchy rice dish


Carrot and Fennel Salad with Pistachio and Orange Dressing
Similar to its fragrant counterpart, orange blossom water also originated in the Middle East, where orange blossoms are abundant. Try orange blossom is a refreshing salad such as this
Saffron Milk
Saffron milk is great to have at bedtime, especially if your mind needs to be calmed or you are prone to insomnia, as its known benefits include promoting a sound night’s sleep. Just a few strands of saffron will do the trick
Arabic Coffee and Date Affogato
Affogato is a great after-dinner treat. It's delicious, sophisticated, simple and, perhaps best of all, combines coffee and dessert into one. Our version adds Middle Eastern flavours to this Italian classic such as almonds and dates
Raspberry Rose Water Iced Tea
Flavoured with rose water, we like to think of this recipe as iced tea with a Middle Eastern twist. Rose water which is enriched by steeping and soaking rose petals in water is best used sparingly
Apple Butter and Apple Roses
Whip up this nutty butter in no time, then create these pretty edible roses with your surplus apples!
Apricot and Apple Fizz
Whizzed-up dried apricots make a deliciously sweet base for these sparkling drinks. Best enjoyed on a hot summer's day!


Healthy Hydration
From aloe to cactus, water is getting some trendy additions. Here's what experts think about the latest liquid fads...
The Beginner's Guide to Intermittent Fasting
Experts weigh in on the diet everyone is talking about this year
How To Hammam
As well as leaving you with glowing and soft skin, a super scrub-down also helps to relax the body and mind, improve blood circulation and aid in relieving pain and stress. Here, we round up three of the best treatments the UAE has to offer...
Health Benefits of Camel Milk
Until the mid-20th century, camel milk was integral to the Bedouin diet as it offered large quantities of proteins, vitamins and carbohydrates that were required to face the harsh desert climes. There’s a lot more to be said for this wholesome, sustaining drink...