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Nest Box ensures every box of spinneysFOOD Free Range or Organic Eggs is traceable, originating from hens farmed to the highest standards
Free range and organic eggs from Nest Box in Ireland.
Free range and organic eggs from Nest Box in Ireland.
July 15, 2018

Since 2013, free-range and organic eggs in the spinneysFOOD range have been sourced from Nest Box, an award-winning supplier based in County Monaghan, Ireland. The company is run by members of the McGuiness and the Eivers families. Paddy McGuinness started his egg delivery business on his bicycle and Bernard Eivers started his business with just 150 free range hens in 1985. Brian Eivers and Adrienne McGuinness have hatched a plan to take Nest Box eggs to people all over the world, including here, in the Middle East.

Next Box supplies organic and free-range eggs under the spinneysFOOD brand.  The hens that produce the eggs have the freedom to roam in their natural environment – that means that they can demonstrate their natural behaviours every day. The company’s passion for animal welfare and expertise in ‘hen husbandry’ is what results in really tasty eggs. Next Box also tries to make a difference by reducing energy consumption, minimising the overall carbon footprint, managing materials correctly and lessening our environmental impact. The company is a verified member of the Origin Green programme which promotes sustainability along with supply chain management.

Nest Box is built on the principle of animal welfare and they are extremely picky with regards to the producers with whom they work. Stroll around any of the farms used by Nest Box and it’s clear to see why the company has won awards and earned a reputation for world-class eggs – the hens’ welfare is top priority. At all the farms, experienced staff are trained to ensure the hens have everything they need: inside the hen house, with quality feed and constant access to water; outside of it, thanks to dawn-to-dusk access to the farms’ green, plentiful pastures.

The company adheres to the Bord Bia Quality Assurance Scheme which incorporates world leading measures in the production and packing of eggs. As part of this, the company’s producers include features such as straw bales that the hens can pick and tear at, overhead cover in the ranges that the hens can take shelter from the weather, and other elements that can stimulate the hens.
Nest Box’s commitment to being the best in all departments is backed up by a raft of accreditations. It is a member of the first national food sustainability scheme in the world, Origin Green, which pioneers sustainable practices on the farm and in the local community. And thanks to the company’s work with Bord Bia’s Egg Quality Assurance Scheme, every box of spinneysFOOD Free Range or Organic Eggs is fully traceable and originates from hens farmed to the highest standards for environmental care, disease control, hygiene and flock welfare.

Nest Box currently supplies two varieties of eggs to Spinneys: The first is free-range – these hens have the opportunity to be outside on green grass from dawn to dusk. They will scratch about, dust-bathe and explore to their hearts’ content. Hens will go about as they please after laying their egg which is normally first thing in the morning. The second is organic – This is a more specialist method of producing eggs. These hens are fed an organic diet which is supplemented with purposely planted herbs and grasses. They have even more space to roam than regular free-range hens and have a maximum colony size of 3,000 birds. Pick up a pack in store and taste the difference for yourself.

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