Organic Oasis

Sheikha Al Muhairy utilises local talent and resources to help improve the local farming industry and address the issue of food scarcity in the region
Organic Oasis Farm in Khawaneej, Dubai.
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Organic Oasis Farm in Khawaneej, Dubai.
August 15, 2018


Having always been a strong health advocate, Sheikha Al Muhairy set up Organic Oasis in response to hype around the organic movement. Wanting to find out how farming without fertilisers was done and what clean eating really means, she took it upon herself to find out, utilising local talent and resources to help improve the farming industry and efficiency of food scarcity issues in the region. 

Organic Oasis is actually a collection of three farms set on family-owned property in the UAE. A team of around 21 people, including farmers, supervisors and a specialised agricultural engineer work throughout each season to nurture fresh, organic produce. Sheikha Al Muhairy is involved personally at the beginning and end of each season with setting up the plans, monitoring processes, reviewing what the team has been doing, mentoring them and renewing the business’s certifications.


Organic Oasis is certified by the German certifying body BCS Öko–Garantie GmbH and locally by ESMA (Emirates Authority for Standardization and Metrology) Compliance. These local and international standards help the company to produce a wide array of best-quality organic vegetables, fruits and free-range eggs. The business encourages consumers to visit the farms and interact with nature, especially those who may not have exposure to a garden. Welcoming visitors also helps to foster transparency within the organisation. All daily activities are monitored throughout the year to ensure organic standards are maintained. Seeds, feed, fertilisers and irrigation systems are analysed; the way the company cultivates, harvests and even delivers the produce to its clients is scrutinised, and it is marked on how much it sells against how much is produced.

A selection of vegetables from Organic Oasis


Of its farming techniques, Sheikha Al Muhairy says, “Our country has one of the longest growing seasons in the world, as we have more sun than frost. You can start prepping the ground in July and begin with the summer crops such as watermelons or eggplants in August. The season extends up until April or June, but this depends on the setup of each farm and its greenhouses.”

Here at Spinneys, we respect and understand the organic process and the effort into growing and harvesting each crop. Enjoy Organic Oasis’s fresh, delicious produce in store.


Only farmers and growers who meet our guidelines for quality, freshness, food security and sustainability are invited to the club. Local organic producers are required to be accredited by at least one international awarding body, as well as the UAE’s own Emirates Authority For Standardization and Metrology (ESMA). In addition to Organic Oasis, our members include:

Al Rawafed Agriculture Organic Farm

Located just 45 minutes away from downtown Abu Dhabi, this farm is one of the biggest sources of organic products in the UAE. It’s certified by ESMA, Europe’s Istituto Certificazione Etica e Ambientale (ICEA) and Bureau Veritas. Stock up on spinneysFood organic figs, tomatoes, capsicums, cherry tomatoes, mini peppers, mint, coriander and parsley, all of which are obtained from here.

Dar al-Fateh

Established in 2007, Dar al-Fateh Group grows a variety of premium vegetables on its farms in Al Ain and Liwa. The list of produce we source from the group includes organic marrows, green beans, eggplants, cabbages and green chillies.

Integrated Green Resources UAE (IGR)

IGR has been producing and distributing organic vegetables since 2008. Its main farms are located in Al Rahba and Al Khawaneej, where both open-air farming and greenhouse farming is practiced. We can’t get enough of its spicy red chillies.

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