Farmer's Kitchen: Episode Three

Farmer's Kitchen is a brand-new show for foodies on Dubai Eye 103.8. Here, Helen and Chef Elias from JA Palm Tree Court make an Arabic hashweh & coconut crunchy rice dish
Farmer's Kitchen: Episode Three
Farmer's Kitchen: Episode Three
May 26, 2019

Episode Three

In episode three of Farmer's Kitchen, host Helen Farmer is joined once again by Elias Kandalaft from Pinch Gourmet. This week, we have more heartwarming dishes based around rice. These are quick and easy recipes that are perfect for the iftar table over Ramadan. First up is an Arabic dish known as Hashweh, made with tasty minced meat from Spinneys and a moreish coconut crunchy rice made with Spinneys rice from the Himalayas and fresh crunchy red peppers, an amazing choice for vegetarians.

After catching up with Spinneys Editorial Director, Tiffany Eslick, about the origins of the food, Helen sourced all of the ingredients from Spinneys stores and took everything to JA Palm Tree Court at JA Resort to cook with Chef Elias.


Grab all your fresh ingredients at Spinneys and be sure to catch next week's episode on Fridays at 10am on Dubai Eye.