Homespun's unique Quinoa Crunch granolas are gluten, wheat, dairy and refined sugar free - yet taste deliciously addictive! We chat to founder, Erica Sheehan, to find out more...
April 21, 2019
By Maryanne Sparkes

Homespun was founded by Erica Sheehan, a health-conscious Irish Mum of two little girls who has grown Homespun into a breakfast brand that is getting noticed for all the right reasons.

How did the Homespun brand come to be?

As someone who takes care to read food labels, I had always bypassed cereals and granolas – too often they are sky high in sugar. I never imagined I would end up launching a healthier option in the same space. Quinoa Crunch was created at home in my kitchen, hence the brand’s name, ‘Homespun’.

Why quinoa?

Our family use quinoa a lot in cooking. It’s high in protein and fibre and is so versatile. I often seek out healthy recipes online and I noticed there quinoa-based granolas recipes but none available on the market. So I set about creating my own.

Tell us about the birth of Quinoa Crunch

Quinoa Crunch, which is made from organic popped quinoa, launched in 2016, after initially testing in a Dublin farmers market. At first, people were definitely sceptical about a granola made from quinoa. But when they tasted it, and really enjoyed the light and crunchy quinoa pops – our main ingredient, and saw the wholesome ingredients – we blend our crunches with four different types of seeds (chia, pumpkin, flax and sunflower) and inhaled the coconut aroma, they became converts!

There are two flavours of Quinoa Crunch at present: Pecan and Cranberry; and Gojiberry, Cashew and Coconut, and Homespun has exciting new products in the pipeline.

Homespun has scooped a number of awards, tell us more?

Homespun have won a number of awards for its products at the Irish Quality Food Awards, Free from Food Awards Ireland and most recently a bronze medal at the 2019 UK Free From Food Awards in London.

Sustainability at Homespun

Sustainability is important for this small business, whose products are hand made in a gluten free bakery in beautiful West Cork, Ireland.

We hand make our Quinoa Crunch products with organic sustainably sourced quinoa and we hand pack our products in cartons made from Forest Stewardship Council approved cardboard. We are also proud members of Origin Green, Ireland’s Food and Drink Sustainability program.

Did you know?

Both flavours of Quinoa Crunch are high in vitamin E, fibre and magnesium as well as a source of folic acid, Iron and Potassium!

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